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Quinta do Beijo

The Monteiro family gives the motto, roll up the sleeves and mother, father and children, all contribute to Quinta do Beijo position as a must-see in the heart of the Douro, region classified by UNESCO - in December 2011 - as a World Heritage Site of Humanity. Located in Celeirós do Douro, a wine-producing village 25 kilometers from Vila Real, in the municipality of Sabrosa, Quinta do Beijo contributes to a stunning beauty full of landscapes of vineyards and terraces that characterize the Douro Vinhateiro, the First Regulated Region of the World.

The Douro rises on terraces, in history and in stories. From a difficult soil, the best of all wines - Port wine - is born thanks to the incredible work of men and women who throughout the centuries have not given up that create the conditions to make the Douro a unique ecosystem. It is here, in the heart of the Douro, that our farm is located.

Quinta do Beijo

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