Grape NamePhotoRegionCat.Common NamesDescription
JaenPortuguese Wine Grape Variety JaenPortugal map with location of regional grape variety JaenBairrada, Dão, Beira InteriorIILoureiro Tinto, Negra, Negro, and Tinto Mollar (not official). The only admitted synonym currently is Jaen.Jaen, also known as Mencia, is a rustic and common grape found extensively in the central and western regions of Dão region of Portugal and Spain. The wines from Jaen are traditionally light, often pale in color, have very low levels of acidity, and can be quite bland. Best suited as a blending varietal for lightening tannic reds, and are fragrant red wines for early consumption. Thought to be a clone of the Spanish Mencía.

This style of wine was the result of post-Phylloxera plantations on fertile plains, which tended to give high yields but diluted wine. Since the 1990s, the grape is increasing in popularity, and an increasing number of noted winemakers are now working with it.