Grape NamePhotoRegionCat.Common NamesDescription
Bical Portugal map with location of regional grape variety BicalTrás-os-Montes, Bairrada, Dão, Alentejo (Portalegre)IIArinto de Alcobaça, Barrado das Moscas, Bical de Bairrada, Borrado das Moscas (Dao), Pintado das Moscas, and Pintado dos Pardais. Bical and Bical Tinto are also used as synonyms for Touriga Nacional.Bical is a white Portuguese wine grape planted primarily in the Bairrada region. It can produce high acid wines and is often used in sparkling wine production.
Boal Portugal map with location of regional grape variety BoalMadeiraIIBoal Cachudo, Doña Blanca

Boal is a name given to several varieties of grape cultivated in Portugal, notably in the production of medium-rich fortified wines from Madeira Island. On many wine labels of Madeira wine, the variety's name is anglicized as Bual.

Madeira from Bual is typically less sweet than that from Malmsey, but more sweet than Sercial or Verdelho. The vines are common in Portugal and Spain, where the fruit is used in the same way for fortified wines.

Most of the Boal grown on Madeira is more fully known as Boal Cachudo (a synonym for the Spanish variety Doña Blanca, though the two may be different grapes), which has been shown by DNA profiling to be identical to the Malvasia Fina grown in the Douro valley.