Grape NamePhotoRegionCat.Common NamesDescription
Jampal Portugal map with location of regional grape variety JampalDouro, Colares Doña Blanco, Alvaro de Soire, Alvaro de Sousa, Boal, Boal Cachudo, Colhao de Gallo, Dame Blanche, Doña Branca, Graciolo, Graciosa, Graziolo, Malvasia Branca, Malvasia Grosso, Moza Fresca, Santo Estevao, Valenciana, Voal Cachudo, Voal EsparrapadoAlso known as Doña Blanco (also known as Doña Branca) this grape is a white Portuguese and Spanish wine grape variety that is grown primarily in Portugal from the Douro northward and in northwest Galicia region of Spain and throughout.

In Portugal, the wine grape is known as Doña Branco, and in Spain the variety is known as Doña Blanca (except in Valdeorras where it is primarily known as Valenciana)

The grapes have thick skins, which does well in the wet maritime climate, but it can also impart some astringency and slight bitterness even with the briefest of skin contact during production due to the high proportion of polyphenols in the skin.