Grape NamePhotoRegionCat.Common NamesDescription
Loureira Portuguese Wine Grape Variety LoureiraPortugal map with location of regional grape variety LoureiraMinho, Vinho VerdeIIIArinto, Branco Redondo, Branco Redondos, Dorado, Dourada, Dourado, False Pedro, Gallego Dourado, Loeireiro Blanco, Loureira, Loureiro, Loureiro Blanco, Marques, Marquez, and Rutherglen Pedro.A Portuguese varietal found in the Vinho Verde region just to the northeast of the Douro valley, also cultivated in Galicia, Spain and grown across the border in the Portuguese wine region of Minho where it is known as Loureiro and used in Vinho Verde. Often included in the Vinho Verde blend with Treixadura, by itself Loureira can be very pleasant and aromatic with distinctive notes of citrus fruits and white flowers. Also grown across the border in the Galicia region of northwestern Spain.